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Stacking your washer and dryer is a convenient way to save floor space in any home. As long as your washer and dryer models are compatible, you can purchase a stacking kit and make this happen! The kits distribute the weight and absorb some of the vibrations that occur when the machines are running. Before stacking your washer and dryer, measure the height and width of the area where you want them to go.

Then, compare the measurements to the combined height of the washer, dryer, and stacking kit, and the width of the appliances to make sure everything will fit. When your ready to stack the appliances, remove the legs from the dryer and apply adhesive foam to the top of the washer to cushion vibrations.

Next, lift the dryer into position with help from another person and attach it to the washer using a bracket. Finally, hook up the water supply and plug in your appliances. For tips on how to choose a stacking kit and how to connect the water supply, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account.

how to install a stackable washer and dryer in a rv

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Article Edit.Designed to fit where others won't, Splendide stackable and all-in-one washer-dryers overcome space, venting, electrical and drainage limitations - while getting laundry spotlessly clean and dry in one machine.

Engineered to wash and dry all your fabrics better and gentler while saving valuable space, energy, and resources, Splendide laundry centers fuse cutting-edge technology with the highest quality construction and design. They operate using V, 60Hz, 15Amp, discharge less water than most dishwashers, and come with a choice of traditional vented or ventless drying systems.

Front-loading with a stainless steel tub and drum, each model comes equipped with easy-to-understand programs and controls, reliable internal components, performance enhancing electronics, automatic wash through dry convenience and Splendide's exclusive, extra-large door opening - set high on the machine to make loading and unloading easier. With all these features, it's no wonder Splendide has been North America's best selling combination washer-dryer since pioneering the concept in Need help choosing a model?

Support Center. Where to Buy. About Our Company. Contact Us.Some RVs may not be plumbed for a washer nor have the electrical outlet for a dryer. Yet those facts do not need to stop you from keeping your clothes nice and clean and avoiding local laundromats.

You can install a washer and dryer in your RV if you want. How to Install an RV Washer and Dryer: If you are an expert handyman or carpenter, installing an RV washer and dryer will take a little time but it may be worth it. One of the keys to installation will be to measure your space to make sure you have room. To learn more about installing a washer and dryer in your RV just keep reading our article. It has the information you need to make sure you can avoid local laundries and keep your clothes clean when it is convenient for you.

The good news is that manufacturers are starting to catch on that their customers want to do their laundry at or in their RVs. They have begun to make room for these appliances or install the necessary hook ups in their construction of newer models.

how to install a stackable washer and dryer in a rv

But if you have an older RV, you will have to do some modifications or remodeling to make sure the appliances fit inside your vehicle. To install a washer and dryer in this situation will take some work, some cutting of holes in your RV wall and floor.

Prevent Stackable Washer and Dryer Sets From Vibrating

To do it, you would need to decide if you want to drain the washer into your gray or black holding tank and get the piping that will direct the water into those tanks. Or you could have a direct to the sewer connection.

The latter will require you to do your laundry only when you are hooked up to a sewer line. Again, you would need to place the drain in the right spot and add hook up vents that open and close to protect the appliance from weather conditions and your RV from leaks.

If the dryer is not the same voltage, you would need to install a separate outlet for it. Then you would need to add in a separate fuse for the dryer to make sure it does not trigger a power outage when in use.

The wall would need to be cut if you are using a vented dryer. You cannot vent inside at any time. Step-by-step instructions would need to come from a very experienced installer, handyman or carpenter as well as an electrician.

There are far too many steps to take to list them all here. If you are not good at installation and tools, then it is better if you hire a professional to do the job right. The professional will have all the needed tools and knowledge to install the washer and dryer correctly. That is the way we would recommend that you do it because less than professional installation could lead to a lot of frustration and mistakes in installation. It may be cheaper in the long run as well. Adding washer and dryer hookups has a lot going for it.

It makes keeping your clothes clean more convenient and a lot easier to do. There are also some negatives to adding these hook-ups to your rig.

Here is a list for both so you can see the full picture before you invest in these appliances:. There is some good news here. Airstream has placed a washer and a dryer into their newer models.I am an RV enthusiast with more than 50 years of experience owning, driving, traveling and living in recreational vehicles. If people with RVs want to do their laundry on board, there are several different types of washing machines they can use:.

Stackables are bulky, heavy and take up much needed storage space. Portables are small, heavy and awkward to use. If you are not using one of these machines in your RV because you can't figure out how to use it or are intimidated by it, you are missing out big time. This is because doing laundry in them while you travel saves money, time and effort.

However, you do have to take a little time to learn how to use them. If you don't, you won't appreciate their benefits. As a result, you don't lose precious vacation time, your coach is always organized and you never have to worry about dirty clothes piling up again.

If your motor home or travel trailer came with a washing machine, and you are thinking of installing one, you should know that they. Since they wash and dry in the same unit it takes some practice to learn how to use them, but once you do, laundry becomes an easy task.

The video explains this in detail. The secret is to do small amounts of laundry at one time and use very limited amounts of HE type laundry soap. People who try to use these units the same way as those they have at home have problems, because combo units are not made to manage large, heavy loads.

how to install a stackable washer and dryer in a rv

Always buy units that are vented if you want your clothes to dry effectively. Those that are not vented also will dry, but doing so takes many hours. If you buy a used one from an individual, make sure that it comes with all of the appropriate hardware and hoses and is vented. You also should know that judging the age of one of these appliances is almost impossible, because they all look pretty much the same, and if well maintained, can look new even when they are not.

Ask to see the sales paperwork so that you know for sure. Install these holders in your shower and connect a wooden dowel to them for hanging wet clothing. You can remove the dowel when showering. If you see water on the floor in front of your unit, this may mean that you have a plumbing problem usually a connection that has broken or come looseyou have a leak, you have not opened the gray-water valve, or you have not cleaned the vent out.

Before seeking help, turn off the water supply and check to see if the gray-water valve is open and the vent on the bottom of the unit is free of lint. If your unit is old or has rust problems, it is probably time to purchase a new one. You can find various types on Amazon. Once you set a routine, keeping your clothes and linens clean is easy.

If you would like to install this type of appliance, make sure that it is possible to do so before buying one by checking your coach's plumbing and electric to make sure they are compliant and measure for fit, as well. My current RV does not have one of these machines, does not have enough space and is not plumbed for one, so an installation is impossible.One of the most tedious and painful RV chores is doing the laundry.

Think about a weekend RV outing and the number of dirty clothes it leaves you with when you get home. So, what will happen when you are gone for two months or do full-time RVing? Many RV parks and campgrounds offer laundry facilities but there is no way you are getting it done without getting into a line. Also, whether it is a self-service or a campground laundry facility, you will need to have enough pocket change to do the laundry.

Campers with washer and dryer could be the best solution for doing laundry on the road. Some travel trailers come with factory installed washer-dryer combo.

These are long, gigantic trailers that you require a huge truck to tow. Some of the best RV washer dryer combo units are found in these models:. The inch body structure has plenty of interior space.

The roof is extra strong that can tolerate 4, pounds of weight. Featuring lots of luxury options and amenities, the residential-style travel trailer is one of the most comfortable units of its class.

How to Install an RV Washer and Dryer (7 Tips to Use It)

The spacious master bedroom ensures sound sleep at night with Simmons pillow-top mattress and high-quality bedspread. The living and kitchen zones are in an open area that is decorated with a high ceiling, LED lights, and a sliding patio door. The RV has a large bathroom with generous storage. It also has a central vacuum and these appliances together keep your motorhome and clothes neat and clean.

These motorhomes come with a select model of washer-dryer combo unit so that cleaning dirty clothes has never been a chore when you are on the road. With a inch wide body structure, the motorhome offers lots of space for the dwellers to feel it like another home. There is a huge living space and you will certainly appreciate some features like a fireplace, outside kitchen TV, LED ceiling lights, water pump with attached filter, and more.

The Recreation model from the Design Navigation NV2 is another travel trailer with washer dryer. With a 32 feet long body structure, this will end the quest of those who have been looking for a family bunkhouse trailer with the facility for cleaning and drying clothes onboard.

10 Best RVs and Campers with a Washer and Dryer

Other features include a spacious living room slide, microwave, awning, interior and exterior speakers with audio and video systems, and two LP tanks with 60 lbs capacity.

The 35 feet fifth wheel can accommodate four people, so it is perfect for a small family. Other notable features include a large living space with a theater seating and fireplace, a spacious kitchen, LED interior lights, electric tank heaters, vented attic, and more. The bedroom is equipped with a queen bed but there is room for a king size mattress, the living area has a large entertainment center and a couple of seating arrangements.

The open-plan kitchen is highly functional with a dual-sink island, a huge refrigerator, and a spacious pantry. A mini travel trailer with washer and dryer is something hard to find because the appliance eats up lots of valuable space. You can still install one but not without sacrificing another place such as the living space with sofas and entertainment area.

The suitable option for such vehicles is a portable washer-dryer combo. A portable washer is handy because you can do the washing anywhere with access to an electrical outlet, sink, and drain. Portable dryers also take very small space. Despite their compact design, they are equipped with multiple features including a damp sensor, heating options, and drying cycles. Some of the best portable washer-dryer combo units are Do mini portable compact twin tub, Giantex mini washing machine, and Costway portable washing machine.

Currently working as a blogger, he takes pride in providing comprehensive contents about camping knowledge, survival skills based on his own experience. RV Guides. By Carlos Perry Last updated Jul 26, 0. Carlos Perry. Leave a comment.Outfitting a home with a washer and dryer is a practical way to improve a property's value -- on-site laundry is on the must-have lists of most buyers. One way to save space in a laundry room, or other area, is to purchase a stackable washer and dryer.

These models can fit into a garage corner, or even a closet, allowing more room for a folding table or other necessity. Hooking up the stackable appliance requires attention to electrical cords, water lines, exhaust ducts and drain lines.

Allow enough space between the back of the appliance and the wall so that you can walk comfortably behind it for all the hookup procedures. Ask a friend to help with the appliance positioning if it is extremely heavy. Push a flexible exhaust duct end onto the appliance's exhaust opening from the dryer. Secure the duct onto the opening with a band clamp using a screwdriver.

The rapid motion of the dryer exhaust can push the duct off if it is not secured with the clamp. Place a bucket underneath the hot and cold water faucets that extend from the wall behind the appliance. Run both the hot and cold water into the bucket to loosen any debris that may be in the faucet lines. Remove the bucket from underneath the faucets. Connect one inlet water hose kit onto each of the two faucets. Place the kit's washer onto each faucet head and press the kit's screen into the washer.

Hand tighten the hose onto the screen, washer, and faucet head. Turn the hoses two-thirds of a turn with a pair of pliers once they are hand tight. Hand turn one degree connector onto each of the opposite ends of the hose's extending from the faucets.

Tighten the connectors by hand, then give a final twist with a pair of pliers. Hand turn the degree connector on the cold water hose to the cold connector on the back of the washer.

Tighten the degree connector fully with pliers once it is hand tight. Verify that the cold water hose is not blocking the hot water connection directly above it. Repeat Step 6 for the hot water hose connection. Confirm that the cold water faucet hose is connected to the cold connector on the washer. Do not run the washer with the hot and cold connections reversed. Turn on the water at the faucet heads.

Visually verify that no water leaks occur along the hose or any of the connection points. Hand push the drain hose into the drain receptacle on the back of the washer. This plastic tube should click into place.The washer drains into the gray tank and the electricity comes off your shore power input. The dryer especially needs a pretty heavy line. You also have to vent the dryer outside. Good luck.

Thanks Fred!

how to install a stackable washer and dryer in a rv

I wasn't sure if adding an extra gray tank was worth it or even possible; or just draining it straight to the sewer was better since I'd be starting from scratch. As for the electrical Again, wasn't sure if we should run a dedicated line straight to the pedistal if it makes it easier. Venting outside Of course we'd look at all options and make sure we're not biting off more than we could chew, lol. If it involves removing walls or whatever then definately have the pro's do it.

Which is why I'm asking here first. I might suggest for you to find out how much water it takes to fill your washer in gallons and how big a gray tank you already might have. You will want the gray water to wash out your black tank after draining it first. Main Page. List All Users. Search Advanced Search. User Details. Start A New Topic Reply. Date: PM Oct 7, Is it harder than I think? Would it drain to the gray tank, it's own tank, or straight out to the sewer?