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P laying OSRS can get complicated, especially for new and inexperienced players. Things such as UI, combat system and skills are so confusing and kinda old, that might get someone to quit pretty quick. You can also read our ultimate guide which explains the best ways to get money in OSRS. When you log in to the game for the first time ever, you start on Tutorial Island.

On this island, you will learn the basics of the game such as how to bank or how to train skills. The first thing you will ever do is choosing a name for your character, and then you will move to character customization.

Name Creation, Old School Runescape. Character Creation, Old School Runescape. Then you should follow the yellow arrow flashing above certain NPCs. They will teach you the general mechanics and basic knowledge of the game. On the final task of the tutorial, you are asked if you want to be an Ironman or not. Ironman Question, Old School Runescape. Once you are done with the Tutorialyou will be teleported to Lumbridge where you will start playing the game.

The UI is probably the most complicated thing in the game, due to the age of the game. Note that this guide is focused only on the PC version of the game. Chat is used to communicate with other players in many different ways.

Chat Box, Old School Runescape. In this tab, you can choose your attack styleeach of them will allow you to gain EXP in certain combat skills. Combat Options, Old School Runescape. In this tab, you can view your various skills and the current level of each. Every skill has its importance and the priority to train as a beginner. Skills Tab, Old School Runescape.

Activities tab is used to view and manage four different activities in the game, each will be explained below.

One Of THE BEST Things To Unlock Early On An Ironman - HCIM ToB Rush #3

The first one is the Quest listwhich shows you the quests available. There are 21 free quests and members quests. Completing each quest gives you Quest points that you will need to complete some specific quests. Clicking on any quest will show you the requirements to start it.

Quest List, Old School Runescape. Clicking on each diary will show you the different tasks you should do to complete each stage of the diary. Achievement Diary, Old School Runescape. Keep in mind that sometimes you will need to walk to the minigame first, so you can unlock the ability to teleport.

You can also join a clan chat of the minigame you chose to communicate with a team. Minigames, Old School Runescape. In this game, there are 5 houses, these houses are regions, every region has some features, to be unlocked you have to gain favor in each house.

This is the Kourend Favorthis tab shows you the favor you have for each house of the 5 houses. To gain favor in each, you should complete the tasks for each house which will allow you to unlock certain activities and features in the game. Kourend Favor, Old School Runescape. This tab allows you to view your inventory which consists of 28 slots and cannot be increased.Ironman mode denies access to the Grand Exchange as well as trading with other players. This means many of the skilling supplies used have to be obtained by bossing or gathering.

However, gold is still needed to cover instance fees, deposit money into the coffer for Managing Miscellaniapurchase spirit shards for summoning, convert logs into planks, etc. It is recommended to unlock High Level Alchemy as quick as possible, and to unlock the ability to enter the nature altar as early as possible. Although the main source of money comes from high alching, many items such as rune arrows or rune javelins have a lower alch value. It is recommended to sell items like these to a general store.

Quests play a big part in the early game, as many of experience rewards allow the player to jump multiple levels at a time. A lot of items that can be bought on regular accounts are locked behind a quest requirement.

It is important to do quests as soon as possible so that many of the early levels are skipped. Skills such as Summoning and Construction require money to level efficiently. Other things, such as boss instances and Miscellania will also come in handy for the future. Some of the no-requirement money-making methods are going to be used here, as ironmen cannot access the Grand Exchange. Complete Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble as early as possible, putting 10 subjects into hardwood.

Mahogany logs are more construction exp per day, but cost a lot more. If money is not an issue, it is highly suggested to pick mahogany. Converting mahogany logs into planks costsmore than teaks, but grant 1, more experience. After Invention, mahogany logs can be converted to planks at a very small cost of divine chargesmaking mahogany logs a very viable option for every ironman that will get Invention before 99 Construction. Levels - Nemi Forest. Alternatively, you can purchase seeds from Head Farmer Jonesup to strawberry.

Herblore is generally considered to be the most difficult skill to train on ironman, because gathering large amounts of herbs can be difficult and takes time.Some players like the challenge of playing Oldschool Runescape on their own, which is why Ironman Mode was integrated into the game.

Since you cannot trade with other players, skill training methods are significantly different and may require additional planning. Since experience rates are slower and there is a lack of content, even regular accounts are difficult to max out on F2P. Fortunately, some players have done it by sticking to linear paths of grinding.

Since the quests are quite limited in the free version, you only have Vampire Slayer to start out with a few attack levels. After that, low-level monsters like goblins, chickens or cows for hides would be good places to start. Big Bones are the meta for prayer training and it will be extremely slow for an Ironman. This is why killing Hill Giants would be the meta for combat training since you need every bone you can get. In addition, you can get keys to fight Obor, which drops gear upgrades and noted Big Bones.

For range, you may continue to kill monsters that drop Big Bones to continue the prayer grind. Ogresses is always an option since they drop both bones and valuable items. Since Ironmen still have access to rune shops, this is where you will likely get the majority of your runes. With the Nature Runes that start to accumulate, you can use that for future high-alchemy training. If you have enough money, you may also splash strike or bolt spells for some easy AFK experience.

It is unavoidable that you mine pretty much all of your ironman smithing materials so both skills will go hand-in-hand. Once you are able to smelt silver bars, it would be a good idea to passively train smithing while actively training crafting by making tiaras. These tiaras may be reserved for training Runecrafting or sold to the general store for lots of GP. For the remainder of your osrs ironman smithing training, you may choose to make iron or steel bars and smith plate bodies until you get Level Once you can create a rune axe from smithing, the training meta would be cutting and burning willow logs.

Runecrafting is a very slow skill in F2P since you will likely have to mine most of your Rune Essence yourself. If you collect various talismans, you can get some fast experience by making Tiaras, although this has a very limited capacity.

Ironman achievements OSRS

In the end, the best experience will be crafting Body Runes until Low-level fishing is quite linear as you should just net and bait shrimp until you can catch trout. Alternatively, you may also use the Evil Bob random event to gain easy fishing experience to skip low-level training.

In the end, the meta will be fly fishing in Barbarian Village and cooking fish on a fire when your inventory is full. With P2P comes several more skills, new training gear and lots of new quests. For an Ironman, this makes skill training even more dynamic. Instead of going through every possible training method, we will go over the optimal way to max out. Starting off your Ironman, you should always get your melee stats up through various quests to shave off lots of time.

This should get enough base stats to use some Rune and Adamantite equipment. If you only care about efficiency, you should dedicate you entire melee grind by training Slayer.This version is mostly copy pasted from the old, with improved quest order and new methods, just in case you're wondering why it looks the exact same at first.

If there's a mistake in this guide somewhere then feel free to tweet me ozirislol but don't tell me to update this as soon as some new update comes, these take a very long time to make.

There is no single right way to play this game, everything in this guide is just what I would recommend. If you don't want to follow a step by step guide then feel free to do your own thing. It might still be worth reading this to pick up some ideas on what goals you could go for. Start as a female character, don't forget to make yourself an ironman before leaving tutorial island. Female char is for recruitment drive quest. This guide assumes that you always carry your cash stack, unless I say not to bring it.

I will mention to bring gp regardless most of the time, but if I don't then keep it on you anyway. Start The Knight's sword quest by talking to the squire. Minigame tele to Clan wars Inv: Steel axe, 70gp, Tinderbox, Jug of water, 1 normal log Recharge run energy using the FFA portal, then use the green portal north of the bank to teleport to Castle wars.

osrs ironman goals list

Walk to yanille Check hunter store for ardy easy diary Buy a pie dish at Yanille cooking shop. Walk to port Khazard Buy 1 swamp paste in the general store It's possible that the store is bought out and you can't afford it, try hopping a few times but if you can't get one then it's fine, you can get one later.

Do Monk's friend. Get 35 woodcutting at oak trees and firemake the logs as you cut them. Steal silk until 25 thieving Do Sheep herder, sell 6 cakes to the general store for the gp. Take out GP and small fishing net Go buy swamp paste if you didn't manage to buy it earlier. Do Sea slug, fish shrimp while doing quest for diary After the quest, buy however many sardine you can fit in your inventory from the fish shop in Witchaven Sell your silk for 60gp each, keep 10 in bank for quests You should have 10k GP at this point Buy a Player-owned house.

Buy rope, 5 vials, 30balls of wool and 7 papyrus from ardy general store Inv: rope, spade, gp, few cakes. If there happen to be no bots taking them, then you might not log out at all. Not sure how many you need in total but just get like max for now. Try to get minimum of planks unless there are literally no planks in any world. Do BA tutorial for minigame tele I think you can skip the tutorial nowadays but just make sure you have the teleport unlocked Start Barcrawl Do Waterfall quest until the part where you have to go to the gnome maze, remember to read the book.

Walk to Gnome stronghold Buy a drink from Blurberry for the Barcrawl miniquest. Minigame tele to Clan wars and run north to Varrock Equip ghostspeak amulet if you've banked it at some point Buy 1 saw, bronze nails and steel nails.

If steel nails aren't in stock then buy them later. Inv: Gp, bronze nails, hammer, saw, noted planks, 1k arrow shafts, 1k bronze arrowheads Leave 10 planks in the bank for questing. It doesn't really matter how many you were able to pick up earlier, our goal is just to get a few construction levels before wintertodt. Buy a chronicle and 5 teleport cards from Diango Walk to port sarim Buy feathers Go to rimmington and use your planks, make chairs until level 4 and then bookcases until you run out of planks.Public Pastes.

Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features! This version is partly copy pasted from the old, with improved quest order and new methods, just in case you're wondering why it looks the exact same at first.

I did include a few alternate methods however, some are for HCIM and some for slightly more casual playstyle, but keep in mind I made this for the purpose of going towards max total so there might be parts where I tell you to get a 99 in one go. If you don't want to do that then I suggest just reading the guide and trying to work out some parts that you can do while getting that particular If there's a mistake in this guide somewhere then feel free to tweet me ozirislol but don't tell me to update this as soon as some new update comes, these take a very long time to make.

Start as a female character, don't forget to make yourself an ironman before leaving tutorial island. This guide assumes that you always carry your cash stack, unless I say not to bring it. I will mention to bring gp regardless most of the time, but if I don't then keep it on you anyway.

Get rune pouch ASAP, unless you feel like it's cheating to boost bh emblems. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as you don't start farming them to get alchables on your iron. Tier 6 for a rune pouch. Pick up every item spawn in the castle, including the ones in cellar, don't forget the cabbage.

HCIM, might have to kill a couple of chickens for food, normals can just suicide for hp. If there happen to be no bots taking them, then you might not log out at all. Not sure how many you need in total but just get like.

Buy fruit blast items; pineapple, orange, lemon, lemon slice, cocktail shaker, cocktail glass. You really shouldn't be in any danger of dying with 10hp, but pay attention anyway, it's a long walk back if you die. Alternative: If you aren't planning on killing Zulrah for magic logs to get 99 Firemaking, you can do WT until 99 now if you want.

You will miss out on a fair bit of supplies for not having higher other skills, but it's not the end of the world. You don't. Walk to Barbarian village you can walk east of draynor manor by the river, don't walk around through falador or something like that. Take out a bucket, barcrawl card, Rune mysteries package and GP from bank.

HCIM; this is fairly safe, just be ready to log out if you see a white dot. Bank, inv: GP, Cheese, fire strike runes, all 4 meat for druidic ritual, 18 cakes. Equip gloves.

Tank the first 2 phases on the north side of the shed and run to safespot when you need to eat. It's possible to safespot the first 2, but with fire strike you are in no real danger of dying with cakes.

Inv: pickaxe, eye of newt, 2 iron bars, bucket of waterpie dish, redberries, some food. Equip a bronze sword and go to mage bank. Be ready to log out if you see a white dot, dying is a waste of time. Recommend taking a 5min break after you hit the log-in limit just to get a few more cosmics, but that's up to you.

HCIM; The odds of running into a lvl60 pker is extremely low, but i'd still recommend scouting the lever with another acc first. If you really don't want to risk it then it's fine, but I'm gonna assume while making this guide that you have some laws. Pick up a few logs and fletch them into headless arrows, make bronze arrows for 10 fletching.

Prioritize sand and soda ash for the first few times you buy crafting supplies. I'm not going to write every teleport to this guide. Buy some swordfish and karambwans from the food shop where you start the quest at for some of the more difficult quests. Train 42 thieving at the fruit stall near farming patch, bank strange fruit and golovanova tops.You're fresh off tutorial island, you have a fancy white ironman helm by your name, you've taken the plunge and joined the ranks of the elite, now what?

There are a lot of questions when you first get to the mainland. What should I level first? Should I just skill one at a time? How do I manage my inventory now that I can't bank?

What is important to do early?

Ironman guide

Let's take a look at what provides you with the most early game advantages and go from there. The first thing we will cover are the death mechanics for UIM. Death you say?! I don't want to die and lose all my items! Relax, relax. You aren't going to lose your items probably.

First and foremost, let's cover the basics. Normal and Ironman accounts are all protect by "safe deaths". Meaning, there are activities in which you die that do not count as a death, therefore, they will not cause your items to be dropped. The full list can be found here.

I'll go ahead and state the obvious, non-inventory storage is probably one of the best things to aquire on an Ult. We do not have a bank so every space we can save is a huge help in the progression of your account. Some of the options have high requirements and will not be available to you at the beginning. Let's look at some of the helpful storage available.

Some people hate them, others wish we had hundreds more. Personally, I hate questing on a regular account, let alone an ult.

Ironman guide

Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and get them done. Here we will look at some that you need to do ASAP as well as a few that aren't required, but highly recommended to get done sooner rather than later.

We will break down the quests based on their criteria. As close to no items on person as you can get without being no items on person. Entrana - No weapons or armor. Graceful is allowed but generally anything that gives offensive bonus' is banned from the island. The full list of banned items is available here. That will wrap up the restricted items quests.

Some of them are not completable early game. There are ways to do these quests later in the game once Zulrah is unlocked after more questing, yay but it is best to do the easier ones as early as you can. Now let's take a look at some of the other quests that offer big incentives to get done early. Transportation - One of the bigger limiting factors of early game ults is the ability to move around Gielinor. Nobody wants to do the White Wolf Mountain walk of death.

Pesky wolves! Here are the quests that will offer other modes of transportation that will help you immensely.To train Slayer efficiently, it is recommended that you begin after reaching combat, with reasonable gear. Unless you are making cannonballs yourself, most of the time you won't be using a dwarf multicannon but rather using only melee or magic.

This makes certain tasks such as suqahs and kalphites unless killing the Kalphite Queen almost blockworthy, as they have no notable drops and offer mediocre melee experience rates.

Do tasks which give you a lot of useful resources, even if they don't offer the highest experience rates. Aberrant spectreskurasks and nechryaels the ones in the Slayer Tower drop herbs and seeds very frequently, gargoyles drop coins and alchable items, blue dragons drop dragon bones for Prayer training.

When using Slayer reward points, prioritise blocking and skipping poor tasks over unlocking perks and extensions. Unlock superior slayer monstersthe slayer helmet and the ability to craft slayer rings first. If you are using Ranged often, consider unlocking Broader Fletching perk early on for the ability to fletch broad bolts. Ring of wealth is a good choice for the ring slot before you have access to Fremennik rings, as it automatically collects coin drops from monsters.

Hardcore Ironmen should wear a ring of life on tasks which they can easily die if they disconnect. Unless you want to get quicker Magic levels, use defensive casting when bursting tasks such as dust devilssince it gives more experience overall. If you are low on herb seedskill normal nechryaels with melee instead of bursting Greater Nechryael in the Catacombs of Kourend. Before you can kill abyssal demons for the abyssal whiptrain only Strength after you have 75 Attack for Arclight and 70 Defence for Barrows equipment.

Once you have obtained the abyssal whip, train on controlled until you have 99 Strength if you haven't alreadyand after that train Attack and Defence. If you have a kraken tentacleuse the excess abyssal whips for an abyssal tentacle. Taking tasks from Krystilia is one of the more convenient methods to obtain mysterious emblems for a rune pouch and to boost Slayer points for unlocking perks and extensions.

When doing Wilderness tasks, only risk easily replaceable equipment you are willing to lose, such as monk robes or dragonhide armour. Abyssal Sire drops the unsiredwhich can be placed at the Font of Consumption and gives the player a reward in the process.

osrs ironman goals list

The most notable rewards are the abyssal bludgeon pieces and the abyssal dagger. Cerberus drops the primordial, pegasian and eternal crystals, which are used to create best-in-slot boots in the game. Dagannoth Kings are killed for their unique drops notably the rings and the dragon axe. After completion of elite tasks in the Fremennik Diary, killing the boss trio also offers good Prayer experience from the noted dagannoth bones. Demonic gorillas drop the zenyte shard, which can be used to make the best-in-slot jewellery.