Top 20 Fun Conference Theme Ideas to Inspire Teamwork

Youth conferences are popular among teenagers, for both the churchgoing and non-churchgoing. These conferences give teens the chance to surround themselves with other like-minded teens and hear positive messages on motivation, life, the opposite sex, and all that pertains to them. It is important to consider the details when planning a youth conference, as these events can be monumental in the lives of the teens who attend them. Entertainment is a key part of any youth conference, and music is a good option.

Aim for local bands or popular music groups if possible, but make sure you research any group you plan on using to make sure their music and lyrics support the values and ideas being taught at the conference. Replicating a concert-like atmosphere is a way to hold the attention of the youth present at the conference and ensure that they have a good time. When it comes to choosing a location for your youth conference, there are several different options you can choose from.

For a smaller, more casual conference, choose a camp which will provide you with the space and ability to arrange activities and entertainment. For larger conferences, choose convention centers, conferences centers or hotels. Universities are also an option, as they often allow organizations to rent dorms and facilities during the summer months. All of these options will give you the space you need and the potential lodgings for students if the event takes place over the course of a few days.

Incorporating plenty of activities into your youth conference is a must. Choose activities that allow teens to interact, from team building activities, to group challenges and contests. Rent sumo costumes for teens to face off against each other in.

Have eating contests with pies, desserts, or chicken wings. Plan for obstacle course and sports competitions as well. The key to choosing a speaker for a youth conference is finding someone that teens will be able to easily identify with.

Choose someone who has a positive message to offer but can also communicate well and be easily heard by teenagers. Some examples include a former NFL player, a youth pastor, or a sports coach. Aletha Reil has a bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in creative writing from Canisius College in Buffalo, N. She has been writing for more than three years and is currently working as a women's fitness columnist for a prominent website.

The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. Conference and convention centers make good locations for youth conferences.

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youth seminar themes

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youth seminar themes

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Here are two examples. Check out a workbook for a school on-site inservice professional development training and also a workbook for parents who attended a conference for families of children with challenges.

Each of our on-site training workshops includes a customized workbook precisely tailored to provide your participants with the best resources and solutions for their most pressing student behavior problems.The panelists wrote down their answers to a series of pre-prepared questions on paper cards.

At the end, they compared and commented on the results. The format stimulated focused thinking among the attendees. As a result, the session achieved a remarkable level of engagement with over audience votes on some of the poll questions. The trick is to find the most effective way for the person to deliver their content. A two-way, conversational format such as a fireside chat is an excellent alternative. It creates a natural conversation between two people which helps uncover brilliant insights and make the delivery dynamic and engaging.

Skilled moderators interviewed expert speakers on various topics on stage with their pre-prepared questions. The organizers created an informal atmosphere by setting up the main stage as a cozy lounge with a sofa full of pillows. The moderators incorporated these into the discussions or addressed them at the end of their sessions.

But even then, the time is usually too short and rarely used to its full potential. At Eventex, moderator Jan-Jaap asked each participant to write down three questions before the speaker started presenting.

Come Unto Christ: 2014 Theme Song

He then instructed people to tick off the topics that the presenter addressed during the talk. After the presentation, people submitted the unanswered questions via Slido. Once the questions came in, people upvoted the ones they found most relevant. In the end, the moderator asked the speaker top three questions with the highest number of votes.

To take the interaction a step further, you can flip the traditional format around and let the attendees co-create the content in a campfire session. True to their name, these sessions are set in a laid-back environment to create the atmosphere of storytelling by the campfire.

This format was pioneered by the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide, MPIthat regularly holds it at its annual congresses.

The sessions usually last for 30 minutes. The facilitator introduces a topic and lets the participants create content themselves through discussion. Campfire sessions create an excellent place for people to learn from their peers, share experiences and build new connections. If your event or meetup has multiple tracks running concurrently, you can help the attendees choose the right sessions and learn more about speakers by running an introductions quiz.

This works well especially in smaller conferences or meetups with a small number of speakers. Inspired by a popular TV trivia game show, the presenters formed two teams and were given buzzers.

The host asked questions based on a pre-event survey and let the teams guess the answers. Like on TV, the first team to hit the buzzer was allowed to answer. If the team guessed one of the top three answers from the survey results, they scored points.

To make it more informative, the moderator asked follow-up questions to enable the presenters to demonstrate their expertise. As a result, the participants got a great overview of the topics.

Missions Conference Themes

It helped people discover the speakers from whom they wanted to hear more. Use these tips at your events in and deliver an outstanding attendee experience. Engage Your Audience with Slido. The growing risk has Live polls can be powerful icebreakers that get everyone engaged at once.

They can help you collect valuable insights or Skip to content Blog. Search Search. Try them out at your next event and make a lasting impression on your attendees.Free daily devotions and articles on teen life topics for teens, youth, youth groups, and youth ministry.

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Let's lift the stigma on mental health and take a look at what Christians can do when depression and anxiety arrive. As we grow up, childhood ideals can be shattered.

Where do we turn when life gets stressful? Living a life of thankfulness Thanksgiving is about so much more than just one day. How to be creative without being a perfectionist You can celebrate creativity because God made you creative! Should young Christians drink alcohol? Lots of teenagers drink alcohol. But should Christians be joining them? Find out!

Should Christians do bodybuilding? Three things to consider if you want to start training for gains. Finding God in times of pain One young woman shares what she has learned about God during her struggle with anxiety. Can Christians get tattoos? Find out if it's ok to get a tattoo if you're a Christian. If your phone causes you to sin, cut it off!

Jesus takes sin seriously - find out why you should as well. Are we there yet? Feeling impatient with God? Get wisdom for times when you're waiting. Follow us.Have you ever wished you could come up with a theme for your missions conference that would have more of an impact on your church? Have you ever wondered where other churches came up with their missions conference themes? Then this is the place for you. Picking the right theme is very important. Your theme will give direction to both the speaker as well as those in charge of the music program.

Also, the decoration team will have a foundation on which to base the decorations for the conference. First, consider the needs of your church at the time of the conference. If you sense a need for more prayer, then you need to emphasize prayer through your theme. Secondly, consider the themes and emphasis of your past conferences. Decide on a different theme that will call special attention to your next conference. Be creative in choosing the theme. Thirdlyyou may want to base your theme around a certain passage or verse in Scripture.

The list provided below comes ready with a list of suggested passages you might use in considering certain themes. This hymn may be sung at the beginning of each service as a reminder of the conference theme. Last, but not least by any means, remember to pray about your theme. Use your theme to promote the up-coming conference. Use it in your bulletins and conference brochure.

It is a good idea to have a banner made in order to put up in back of the platform area. You may want to design a PowerPoint presentation with the theme so that it can be used at some specific time s of the services. Once your theme is chosen, be sure to advise everyone involved with the conference.

The participants should have enough notice so as to be able to plan their part messages, music, decorations, etc. If you have a very talented musician in the church you may request that a hymn or chorus be written that specifically deals with the theme.

Sing it each evening before the service, or even before leaving the service. The themes listed below may be used as they are or you may want to do a variation of any of the suggestions. Hopefully, there are some titles you can use and others that will get your creative, mental juices stirred to develop your own theme.

Finally, if you do come up with other theme suggestions, we would love to hear about them and possibly add them to our list for the benefit of others. If you find a passage that seems to fit a certain theme perfectly, let us know and we can add it to our list as well. We are always looking for more ways to assist others in fulfilling their part in the Great Commission. We appreciate any help you may give us that would be beneficial to other churches.

In picking a theme, there are several factors to keep in mind.Christian youth sometimes feel detached from the adult issues often discussed in church. Holding a Christian youth conference can help to solve this problem by connecting youth to God and the church in applicable ways.

Conferences are also an ideal time for teens to meet Christian friends and find healthy peer groups to support them in the rugged terrain of adolescence. Your planning can ensure that the conference is well-publicized, affordable, organized, enjoyable and relevant to the kids' everyday lives. Determine the budget for your Christian Youth Conference. Look at the money you have in order to determine how much you can afford to spend on the conference.

Raise any additional funds ahead of planning your budget so that you are not spending any money that you do not have in hand. Decide on the date and location for the Christian youth conference. Consider planning it for a long weekend when the kids have some time off of school.

Look for locations that are within your budget. If you are short on money, you may need to hold it at your church. If you have money to spend, you might investigate booking a hotel or conference center. Pick a theme for your Christian youth conference.

youth seminar themes

You might coordinate it with a series of sermons covering love, forgiveness, healing or another such topic. Themes such as relationships, peer pressure, sex and substance abuse are also relevant topics for teenagers, provided that they are approached within the context of God's Word. Attending college and excelling in school can be ideal themes for youth conferences intended to build up and encourage the youth.

Plan the food for the conference, deciding on whether you will have the conference catered or ask participants to bring their own food. Decide on the activities for the youth conference, guest speakers and being sure to allow for large group and small group time. A large-group speaker event might be followed by smaller breakout sessions to allow for processing.

Time for recreation should also be included. Consider showing movies relevant to the conference theme, giving the kids time for physical activity or hosting a pizza party. Print fliers advertising the upcoming Christian Youth Conference and display them in prominent places within your church and community.

Include information on the conference in the church bulletin, mention it in youth Sunday school and Bible study classes and call the teenagers in the church to personally invite them.

Collect any registration fees or donations as applicable and purchase any materials needed for the conference. Store everything in labeled boxes so that it is ready to go when the time comes. Create lists of duties for all involved in facilitating the youth conference so that everyone knows what his or her responsibilities are.

Pray together in advance of the event, asking God to direct the activities of the weekend and show you how to best lead the youth. Anne Kinsey is a writer, business woman, minister and coach who is passionate about inspiring others to walk out their career dreams and believe in possibilities.

She resides in rural North Carolina with her husband and three children, where they enjoy the great outdoors and serve at-risk youth together.

The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. About the Author.Youth conferences provide an excellent way for kids to unplug from their daily routines, get into a new space, learn new skills and forge lasting friendships.

Whether in your hometown or hours away, a well-prepared youth conference can change lives. With a bit of advance planning and some help from your peers, you can make a difference in the lives of the young people in your area by planning and hosting a successful youth conference. Start a committee. Canvass your church, neighborhood and the friends in your social network to get a strong group of responsible, fun-loving adults together to help you plan.

Remember, many hands make light work. Ask your committee members who may also be interested in chaperoning the trip. Pick a theme. Choosing a theme for your event will make the conference feel more cohesive and build excitement. Think about the age group of the kids who may be attending and what they are into right now--the shows they watch and who they on listening to on their iPods. Consider a certain message you are trying to get across. All of these factors will be helpful in pulling together your conference theme.

Find a place to hold the event. Decide whether to stay local or attempt a far-off location. Having this information already established will help the parents decide whether to sign up their children for the conference. Start a sign-up sheet. Set a deadline for sign-ups to end so you can let the venue—and your committee—know how many kids are in the equation.

Set a budget. Have your committee help with this, and find out who among them has connections to local resources that may be willing to donate food, gas cards, etc. Maybe your neighborhood has a local cookie factory that might be willing to make a donation to your event. Consider asking for sponsorship from the businesses where your committee members are employed. Arrange for transportation. Some larger vehicles, like buses, require additional certification, i.

Make a checklist for parents and children. Parents love details. Helpful also would be to provide a checklist of what to buy, what to pack and what to expect for parents and their children. The more everyone comes prepared to the conference, the more fun the kids are likely to have, and the less stressed the chaperones are likely to be.

Plan some icebreakers and other activities, in addition to the workshops.

youth seminar themes

Icebreakers are a great way to help children get to know each other a little better so they can feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar setting.

Get Insurance. Run background checks of youth assistants. This is a very important step that is often overlooked. Never assume.